Friday, November 7, 2008

Is it time to build some bicycle lanes?

120 out of the 675 public feedback received by the Sustainable Singapore are related to bicycling.
This is an impressive figure because the invitation for feedback was wide ranged including:
  • The way we work
  • The way we commute and
  • The way we live and play
Out of this 120 feedaback an even more impression 75% suggested we should have bicycle lane to protect the cyclists from motorised transport.
It is very clear that there are many potential cyclists out there, but they are too intimidated by the danger on our roads. Without a safe environment cycling on the smoothly paved Singapore road remain only as a dream for most people.
No one is prepare to risk his life to become more green.

The heated debate over the trial on "Share pavement for pedestrain and cyclist" in Tampines is a clear signal that cyclists need their own space.
There will be less car if we built less road, there will be less people walking if there is no safe pavement. Similary there are not many cyclists because there is hardly any safety facilities cater for this group of road users.
Judging from the public response, now may be the best time ever for the goverment to push for some bicycle lanes in Singapore.

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